Welcome to the Long Beach Branch of the NAACP

Since its inception, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was poised for a long, tumultuous and rewarding history. Although it may be possible to chronicle the challenging and harrowing legacy of the NAACP, the real story of the nation's most significant civil rights organization lies in the hearts and minds of the people who would not stand still while the rights of some of America's darker citizens were denied.

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Long Beach Branch NAACP is deeply saddened by the loss of Hezekiah Jacobs.Jake was a brother-in-law of Branch Secretary Marie Treadwell. read more

Hezekiah Jacobs


Join the fight against breast cancer by supporting the 2019 Long Beach Real Men Wear Pink Event.

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Invitation from Long Beach Branch NAACP: Finding Peace through Forgiving, Love, & Non-Violence.

August 2019 Membership Meeting


Dr. Charles D. Smith, 2019 LB NAACP Product of Public Education Honouree. Graduate of Polytechnic High School LBUSD. Principal, K-12 Span School at LAUSD, NOW Academy.

Dr. Charles D. Smith


Jonathon Polk, 2019 LB NAACP Product of Public Education Honouree. Polytechnic High School LBUSD. Chief Operating Officer of Destiny Funeral & Crematory

Jonathon Polk


It is with deep sadness that Long Beach Branch NAACP joins BLAST in announcing Jean Egan's passed away. Jean was the founder of BLAST and had a passion for helping youth to reach their academic and personal goals. read more

Jean Egan


Long Beach Branch NAACP Congratulates Chief Police Robert Luna and Justin Rudd for being honored for Leadership by Goodwill Industries



Long Beach Branch NAACP and Keesal, Young & Logan Win American Bar Association Law Day Award

man speaking

LB Branch NAACP in conjunction with Kessal, Young & Logan wins American Bar Association, Best Interpretation of the Law Day Theme Award. Theme: Separation of Powers -- Framework for Freedom. Law Day 2019 will be held May 1, 2019 at KYL. The theme is Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society—focuses on these cornerstones of representative government and calls on us to understand and protect these rights to ensure, as the U.S. Constitution proposes, “the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.”


Your Vote, Your Voice

The Statewide Direct Primary Election has past. Did you place your ballot, make your vote, and let your voice be heard? A voteless people are a hopeless people. Beyond just placing a ballot, there is a need for us as individuals and a community to vote for candidates who have the good of the people in their hearts and mind. To make a knowledgeable decision we must first know who is running for the various offices. The Long Beach Branch NAACP urges you to learn about the people running to represent you and about their platform. It is our responsibility to put into place those who represent and fight for the good in society to positions of power to help maintain and progress our communities. Read your ballots and learn more about the candidates and measures above. Let your voice be heard, and make your vote count.


Long Beach Branch NAACP encourages members to attend community meetings including: City Council Meetings, Long Beach School Board Meetings, the CSU Board of Trustees Open Meetings and Long Beach City College Board Meetings. At these meetings are discussions that directly impact all of us, our children and our city.


Education Corner
Parents, please check your child's grades, conduct, and academic progress on a regular basis.


The NAACP strongly believes in the importance of quality public education for all.

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Get to Know Your Politicians:

Know the politicians who represent you! Let them know your concerns and hold them accountable.

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The Long Beach Branch NAACP is deeply saddened by the loss of supporter, advocate, and youth role model Melanee Newkirk. read more

Melanee Newkirk


LB NAACP 2019 Public Educators of the Year!

Sudha Krishnan

Sudha Krishnan - CSULB School of Business

Damon Cagnolatti

Damon Cagnolatti - English Professor, Cerritos College

Forouzan Golshani

Forouzan Golshani - Dean of Engineering, CSULB

Lance Roberts

Dr. Lance Roberts - Southwest College

Curglin Robertson

Curglin Robinson - CSULB EOP Program


LB Branch NAACP welcomes Andrew Golshani to the College and Young Adult Committee

Andrew Golshani

Andrew Golshani is a
Computer Engineering B.S. Candidate


Lance Filer is the 2019 Long Beach Branch NAACP Young Adult History Maker

Lance Filer


The Long Beach Branch NAACP Encourages You to Join the 2019 ACTSO Program


2019-2020 Scholarship opportunity for members or those who are involved in the LB NAACP Youth or College program. Contact LB Branch for more information.


Jop Opportunities. Click here.


FYI Job Information

City of Long Beach current job Opportunities (effective Aug 16, 2019). click here to download



ANIMAL LICENSE INSPECTOR, Parks, Recreation & Marine - (UC)


CIVIL ENGINEER, Multiple Departments - (CL)

CLERICAL AIDE (NON-CAREER) , Multiple Departments - (CL)


*To advertise on the Long Beach Branch NAACP webpage, contact the Branch via email at mnaacp@gmail.com.

Your NAACP membership is more than a contribution. You are joining the team that has been at the forefront of civil and human rights battles for more than one hundred years.

NAACP membership makes a positive difference in the lives of Americans, and provides an opportunity to become an important part of a network of hundreds of thousands of member advocates.


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Queen Beach Printers is a proud partner of the Long Beach Branch NAACP.



Johnny Reb's Shell Out Helps Long Beach Branch NAACP

Johnny Reb's Food

Fine Southern Cuisine, Johnny Reb's, has selected the Long Beach Branch NAACP for the fourth time to generate money for educational Programs such as scholarship, stay-in-school, ACT-SO, and our science and technology program. The mission for Johnny Rebs’ Shell Out for Charity is to raise money for local non-profits and to raise awareness of the work they are doing while building bridges of connection. To date, Shell Out for Charity has raised over $1 million dollars and changed many lives. We urge you to go to the restaurant and to Shell Out to help the youth of our community! Cheryl Carter, the owner of Johnny Reb's, is an active supporter of community non-profits such as the Long Beach Branch NAACP. She hires from the community, especially college youth and is also involved in the Long Beach Branch NAACP's culinary arts component of ACT-SO.

Click here to learn more about Shell out for Charity

Enjoy fine Southern Cuisine, and support the Long Beach Branch NAACP, and other community programs at the same time!


Special Thanks to Long Beach Branch NAACP Business Partners. Your support helps us to address our goals and objectives. Especially for our youth. Long Beach Branch NAACP is honored to have your support.

Keesal Young & Logan

Keesal Young & Logan Law Office
Long Beach

Forest Lawn Long Beach

Forest Lawn Long Beach

FedEx 7th Street

FedEx 7th Street Long Beach

Destiny Funeral Home & Crematory Long Beach

Destiny Funeral Home & Crematory
Long Beach

CSULB College of Engineering

CSULB College of Engineering